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Create your own tile busting game!This game uses only 43 events and free sprites and can be modified any way you want. I include a master sheet of additional free sprites.Download the free CAPX and events are easy to follow. You need C2 239R version or newer to use CAPX available on Scirra home page.Game Play: Bust the tiles to reveal bonus coins. Hit the coins and catch them with your paddle to receive bonus. Hit the extra ball at top for an extra ball. Levels get harder and faster as you progress.Mouse Controls:Mouse to move paddleDouble click to send ballTouch Pad Controls:Slide finger to move paddleDouble click to send ballSAVE AND LOAD:Single click on buttonsI recommend you SAVE after completing each level as levels will get harder.NEW GAME:Single click the Ricochet Logo at bottom to restart new game.Score is saved automatically when you restart game.Website:http://pinball-sandbox.comli.com/


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Rating: 4.0/5